Geodesic! travels to Lightning in a Bottle 2014 which takes place on the Ancestral Homeland of the Chumash Nation in Bradley, CA. Situated at the top of the stairs between the Woogie and the Lightning Stage, Geodesic! acts as a portal for revelation and transformation between sets of the worlds greatest music including Cashmere Cat, Thriftworks, Gold Panda, Phantogram, Little Dragon and more.

During the day Minty Mist provides a refreshing oasis from the heat. While at night, Geodesic! comes to life with fractal projections and ambient sounds which create a space that welcomes interaction.

Together, we co-create Geodesic!

Thank you!

Geodesic! is an interactive multi-sensory experience that invites you to reflect and transform with light and sound. Three pyramids housing projectors, proportioned to those at Giza, surround the sixteen-foot Geodesic! dome, forming a tetrahedron of light. Each projector shines through the eye of Horus on the face of its pyramid, illuminating your senses and your highest purpose.